What is a hostel?

Hostels we're created to bring together 3 main factors: good location, low price and social interaction, resulting in a unique experience in each place.

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You will usually find bunk beds in shared rooms for 4 to 12 people, shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen with room for a lot of people and entertainment options: bars, outdoor areas, walks, hiking groups. You can also ask all kinds of information with an employee who will always be willing to talk more about the place and become a friend.

It has been a few years since hostels are no longer frequented only by backpackers and students, today both young and senior prefer to travel this way and share an experience with new people. Security in hostels made this possible, today a hostel is as secure as a hotel, with 24-hour security and individual lockers.

In order for everything to work well, a sense of collectivism is needed, the hostel is a shared space where everyone does their dishes, takes care not to get the bathroom dirty and avoids noise in the room when others are sleeping. With a few rules of coexistence and common sense everything happens well and between friends.